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spectacular spectrum


The sky was overcast when we got off the van at Hayanggabon Port in Claver, Surigao del Norte. I nervously crossed the narrow plank leading to the boat and positioned myself at the rear end of the vessel.

It had already started to rain when we left the port and our guide told us that it would take us at least an hour to get to Hidden Island Resort. With the dreary weather, it was all just greys and dull blues with occasional pops of green.

042915 siargao 1

The boat’s engine was really loud so there was barely any conversation during the duration of the boat ride. But the moment we caught sight of the islands of Bucas Grande, we couldn’t help oohing and aahing at the sheer beauty of the place. All the fatigue and muscle pain seemed to leave our bodies as the boat maneuvered around an island which, as we soon discovered, was actually our destination.

042915 hidden island b

After unpacking our things and wolfing down a couple of Nutella sandwiches, we trooped to the boardwalk and went all trigger-happy with our cameras.

042915 boardwalk

To my utter delight, a rainbow appeared in the east as if to welcome us.

042915 rainbow

At about the same time, a magnificent light show began to unfold in the west. I watched in awe as the mellow yellows and gloomy greys gave way to blazing oranges and fiery reds with the setting of the sun, then to tropical pinks and lush purples with the coming of dusk.

052915 banca

042915 sunset 1

042915 sunset 2

I stood in silent reverie as the last trace of daylight faded from the sky.

And just before darkness completely enveloped the horizon, I turned back and followed my companions back to our living quarters.