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diary of a cupcake fiend: the death by oreo and v for velvet episode


I first heard of Choux Patisserie sometime last year when someone on my network of Facebook friends won a box of cupcakes.  The cupcakes looked so yummy and the names of the flavors were really clever so I became curious as to how good they actually were.  I never got around to placing an order though–up until a few days ago, that is, when I ordered a box of cupcakes for Valentines Day.

There was, however, a mix-up of sorts when I came to pick them up yesterday.  Anyway, long story short, I got my order this afternoon.ImageDeath by Oreo
I have very high expectations when it comes to desserts named Death by ______.  They have to be insanely good to merit the name, right?  Take Chocolat‘s Death by Tablea, for example.  Well, Choux’s Death by Oreo did not disappoint.  The cupcake was as moist and chocolatey as it should be.  The Oreo buttercream frosting was so delicious that it got the thumbs up from my husband who normally hates frosting with a vengeance.  That’s how amazing it was.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

V for Velvet
The V for Velvet cupcake, on the other hand, was good but not great.  The cupcake was delicious but it wasn’t as deliriously yummy as I hoped.  It just wasn’t a Peewee Level cupcake.

The frosting tasted like buttercream with a hint of cream cheese.  I asked Nica, the owner/baker, about it and she said that it was cream cheese buttercream.  She also explained that she had used a different brand of cream cheese because the one she normally uses is not sold here and her supply had run out.

Well, I’m not really crazy about buttercream but this one was really good and my dad loved it.  I still would’ve preferred cream cheese frosting though.  I guess I’m a purist when it comes to red velvet.  It is, after all, my favorite cupcake flavor.

I do want to give V for Velvet another try so the verdict’s still out on this one.

*A Peewee Level cupcake is a cupcake that’s so deliriously good, the first bite renders you speechless.  It is named after my cousin’s girlfriend, Peewee.