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half asleep in pajamas


It was one of those lazy weekends.  I was still half asleep and in my pajamas when I walked into the dining room at around half past noon.  There was a green cardboard box sitting on the table.  I went to take a closer look and let out a squeal of glee.

Buko pie from Linamon, Lanao del Norte!

I excitedly opened the box and the delicious aroma of buttery pastry greeted me.  Alas, I couldn’t eat it just yet.  I had to wait until it was time for dessert. But man oh man was it worth the wait!  The crust was light and flaky.  The coconut used in the filling was real buko–what we would refer to as butong (young, tender coconut meat), not lubi (the tougher, more mature coconut meat used for coconut milk).  It definitely lived up to its tagline: tasty and creamy up to the last bite!

Will I be ordering this again anytime soon?  You betcha!

Linamon’s Best Buko Pie
Purok 2-B, Pines Village, Linamon, Lanao del Norte
Mobile Number: 09266099623
Telephone Number: 063-2270228