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diary of a cupcake fiend: wake me up before you go go


Did you ever have something so good, you got so revved up that you jumped out of blog hibernation?  Well, I just did.

2014-09-27 16.24.52These cupcakes from Sugar Rush were so yummy, I just had to end my blogging hiatus.

Choco Banana
I’ve always been a big fan of banana cupcakes so I knew I would enjoy the choco banana cupcake even before I tasted it.

Not only did this cupcake not disappoint, it actually raised the bar upon which I will henceforth be judging banana cupcakes.

I usually don’t go for chocolate cupcakes. I find them rather ho-hum.  But Sugar Rush’s chocolate cupcake made me go ooh-la-la. The texture was perfectly moist and the ganache was absolutely scrumptious.  And the best thing about it was that it was oh so chocolatey without being cloyingly sweet.

I wasn’t able to sink my teeth into these babies but I intend to do so in the near future. 🙂

If restaurants get Michelin Stars, cupcakes get the Peewee Level.  And these cupcakes from Sugar Rush are definitely Peewee Level cupcakes.

sugar rush

Sugar Rush
017 Dona Teodora Blvd., Brgy. San Miguel, Iligan City

*A Peewee Level cupcake is a cupcake that’s so deliriously good, the first bite renders you speechless.  It is named after my cousin’s girlfriend, Peewee.


diary of a cupcake fiend: the death by oreo and v for velvet episode


I first heard of Choux Patisserie sometime last year when someone on my network of Facebook friends won a box of cupcakes.  The cupcakes looked so yummy and the names of the flavors were really clever so I became curious as to how good they actually were.  I never got around to placing an order though–up until a few days ago, that is, when I ordered a box of cupcakes for Valentines Day.

There was, however, a mix-up of sorts when I came to pick them up yesterday.  Anyway, long story short, I got my order this afternoon.ImageDeath by Oreo
I have very high expectations when it comes to desserts named Death by ______.  They have to be insanely good to merit the name, right?  Take Chocolat‘s Death by Tablea, for example.  Well, Choux’s Death by Oreo did not disappoint.  The cupcake was as moist and chocolatey as it should be.  The Oreo buttercream frosting was so delicious that it got the thumbs up from my husband who normally hates frosting with a vengeance.  That’s how amazing it was.

Verdict: 10 out of 10

V for Velvet
The V for Velvet cupcake, on the other hand, was good but not great.  The cupcake was delicious but it wasn’t as deliriously yummy as I hoped.  It just wasn’t a Peewee Level cupcake.

The frosting tasted like buttercream with a hint of cream cheese.  I asked Nica, the owner/baker, about it and she said that it was cream cheese buttercream.  She also explained that she had used a different brand of cream cheese because the one she normally uses is not sold here and her supply had run out.

Well, I’m not really crazy about buttercream but this one was really good and my dad loved it.  I still would’ve preferred cream cheese frosting though.  I guess I’m a purist when it comes to red velvet.  It is, after all, my favorite cupcake flavor.

I do want to give V for Velvet another try so the verdict’s still out on this one.

*A Peewee Level cupcake is a cupcake that’s so deliriously good, the first bite renders you speechless.  It is named after my cousin’s girlfriend, Peewee.

sugar and ice


On my way home this afternoon, I dropped by Tedts’ Diner to get my parents some red velvet and coffee cupcakes.  As soon as I opened the door, I sensed a palpable excitement in the air.  Students who were still in their uniforms practically filled the entire store.  A bunch of high school girls were excitedly pointing at the cake display while a group of boys on one side were earnestly discussing which cupcake flavors they should get for their girlfriends and what they should write on the card.  “Ahhh, puppy love!” I almost said out loud.

tedtsPhoto by Tedts’ Diner

It’s only the thirteenth but the Valentines Day excitement is already sky high!  I can’t help but wonder how much crazier it’s going to be tomorrow.

I know I’ll be pretty amped up tomorrow too but for now, the focus of my excitement is the Sochi Winter Olympics.  The Philippines’ lone representative, Michael Christian Martinez, will be competing at 11pm tonight!  I have been looking forward to this all week long.  I even posted the schedule of the men’s figure skating events on  the door of the fridge and I will probably set the alarm on my phone just in case I fall asleep later.

Photo by Grigory Dukor/Reuters

So anyway, I came across this poem by Guggenheim Fellowship-winning poet Kwame Dawes who has been “writing verses that capture the spirit of the day’s action.”  This poem was written a few days ago for Martinez and posted on The Wall Street Journal.

The Wounded Dancer
For skater Michael Christian Martinez of the Philippines

We skaters arrive wounded, limping, the aches—
beneath the skin you will see the terrible
brutality of what we must do to our bodies.

Ice, we know, is cold, a sharp pain of brittle
light—but ice is hard, it will not give,
it bites back, before melting sardonically.

I leap, torque and flow, my mind whispers,
flight is lifting the weight of the world,
And there are no white rose petals to land upon.

Here in these humid islands, the mall owner
is kind to build a rink, but he thinks the ice is smooth
as glass, slick, even.  He would not know

the bubbles and fissures of the uneasy ice,
the physics of crystals, and the way the ankles
twist and contort to hold a smooth line—

come closer, turn off the muzak, listen
to the crunch and yelp of the ice breaking
away against the steel’s bite, and hear the pop

of my bones and the wheeze of all tendons
before the leap—hear the deep grunt
of anticipation as I lift, the body already

alert to the blow of my landing—and only
for that small moment, of clothes flapping,
in the miracle of the second turn; only

then, when the dizzying of lights spinning,
colors hurled at me, in the second of lift
and the yank downwards, only then

can you call my body smiling—then comes
the brute ache, of landing, splintering ice,
ankle howling, such painful, painful beauty.