Monthly Archives: January 2018

twists and turns


About a week ago, a friend was teasing me about an unexpected development. With all the drama she could muster at the moment, she exclaimed, “Plot twist!”

I don’t remember how I responded to that but perhaps I brushed it off then.

Now that I think about the year that was as I lie in bed on the first morning of the new year, I realize that 2017 has indeed been a year of plot twists.

Just when I had already given up all hope, I received a notification that I had been admitted to the program I was applying for. So back to school I went. And through mountains upon mountains of text I read.

Sometime in April, I joined a learning village where I met some of the most wonderful people ever. It was refreshing being around so much positivity and passion. In a world that is obsessed with hierarchy and seniority, it was exhilarating to be in a space where everyone was treated as an equal, where each idea mattered.

Towards the middle of year, the Marawi Siege took place and thousands of people were forced to flee their homes. Our college housed displaced students from MSU. Numerous students from other colleges also helped out. I was on Team Invisible (a.k.a. Keyboard Warriors), manning the social media page and consolidating data on the evacuees. When the evacuation center closed, we continued with relief operations. Here I got to work with awesome people–colleagues with sharp minds and big hearts, student-volunteers with deep compassion and social awareness, and fellow civil servants with tireless dedication and willingness to serve.

Just when I thought the dust had finally settled, another plot twist came. I was transferred to a different office where I was given a project assignment which initially seemed impossible. I had to go way out of my comfort zone and learn a lot of new things–something I had to do quite a lot last year. The learning curve has been rather steep but with help and encouragement from friends who happen to be colleagues, I was somehow able to deliver.

There have been many other plot twists which I would rather keep to myself (mainly because I’m too lazy to write them down).

All in all, I guess 2017 has been a relatively good year despite all the trials and unfortunate events that took place. Kindness and compassion still shone through.

Here’s hoping 2018 will be even better. Happy new year, everyone!