Monthly Archives: July 2015

constancy amid change


A notification pops up. Curiosity wins over fatigue and I click on that tiny red icon.

Oh goody, it’s my daily dose of memories!

As I scroll down, my half-shut eyes open just a wee bit wider with each entry.  I come across emotionally laden song lyrics that immediately trigger the play button in my head and I start humming along, wondering about the circumstances which surrounded me then.

I encounter a lot of posts about films and books and I can’t help but wish I still had the luxury of time to curl up with a good book or watch the latest indie movie.

Then there’s the occasional political commentary sandwiched between leftover teenage angst and cringe-worthy melodrama.

Did I really say this? What was I thinking?

Oh, I remember this! I can’t believe it’s been that long!

A myriad of emotions course through me as I travel back in time and revisit moments of triumph and of loss. I wax nostalgic over what was and marvel at what still is.