Monthly Archives: August 2014

zigzags and circles


For a lot of people–myself included–my life has taken an unexpected detour this past month. 

Despite being a graduate of Public Administration, I’ve never done administrative work (except for that month-long internship back in college).  Heck, I’ve never even had an 8-to-5 job! 

But here I am with a Position Description Form that clearly states my administrative position and the duties and responsibilities that come with it.

I’ve done a lot of writing before but never the sort of writing that my current job entails.  And I must admit that I’ve felt like fish out of water on several occasions. 

My most recent assignment even gave me nightmares for three nights in a row!  Inception-type nightmares where I’m in the office drafting the policy proposal and I wake up and find myself still in the office still writing the darn proposal and I wake up again but I’m still there!  It happens about four times before I finally wake up and find myself in bed–with my laptop and the outline of the policy proposal beside me.

I finally finished the darn thing yesterday and it seems like a massive boulder has been lifted from my shoulders.

I have two new policy proposal assignments lined up but I no longer feel like I’m in over my head.

My so-called zigzag alignment has often been a point of contention (sometimes even a deal breaker) for the powers that be.  But here, everything I’ve learned from the various fields I’ve delved into all come together.  And contrary to what some people think, my brain gets full mileage.

So while I feel that I’ve ventured into uncharted territory, I also feel that things have somehow come full circle.  That I haven’t really strayed at all.