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(i can’t get no) satisfaction


Although we were in a hurry to get home after my last lecture, we wanted to squeeze in one more food adventure before leaving.  Since North Pole was just across the street from the review center, we decided to give it another go.

My husband had eaten there the previous day and he enjoyed the chicken curry immensely.  He was raving about how yummy it was when he visited me at the center at lunchtime.  He said it was nothing like any of the chicken curry dishes he had tried before.  The chicken was coated in mildly spicy batter and the dish was served sizzling hot and smothered in gooey cheesy goodness.

North Pole’s Chicken Curry (P85)

I was eager to try out their other stuff and my husband was curious about their halo-halo so we excitedly crossed the street and went inside.


The moment I stepped inside, a wave of heat hit me smack in the face!

Ang init naman dito sa North Pole!” I couldn’t help thinking.

Talk about climate change. Hardy har har.

We glanced at the menu but nothing appealed to me (plus it was just too darn hot) so we left and went to Carmela’s instead.

I was hoping to try their cakes but they had too many orders for Mothers’ Day so they didn’t have any cake slices for sale.  I ordered a lasagna instead.

carmela's lasagnaCarmela’s Lasagna

Bad idea.  It was soggy and very bland.  I’m very picky when it comes to pasta so I had to force myself to swallow each spoonful.

My husband was craving halo-halo so he ordered one.  We knew at first glance that it would be a far cry from the kilig-inducing halo-halo we had the previous night.  The texture of the crushed ice wasn’t as fine and a lot of it had already melted.    Except for the flavor of the ice cream, the ingredients were actually the same as the one at Mooon’s.  They weren’t as generous with the ingredients though.  The halo-halo tasted good but it didn’t knock my socks off or anything.

Carmela’s Halo-halo (P57)

I think we would’ve been able to appreciate it more though  if we hadn’t tasted the halo-halo at Mooon’s prior to ordering this.   Plus, of course, there’s the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.  “As a consumer consumes more and more units of a specific commodity, the utility from the specific units goes on diminishing” (Gossen, 1854).  In other words, the increase in the amount of satisfaction a person gets from a particular good decreases with each additional unit of that good.

I’ve always had a soft spot for economics (former Economics major in the house!) so I’m tempted to launch a mini-lecture of sorts but I’m not exactly an expert on the subject so I won’t.

Just click here if you find the concept of diminishing marginal utility as fascinating as I do.

to the moon and back


After a long and tiring day, my husband and I went out to find a place where we could just chill out.  We had already eaten dinner at the pad so we only wanted to have some dessert.

I had done a bit of research prior to the trip and several people recommended the halo-halo from North Pole and the cakes at Carmela’s so we decided to go check them out.  Unfortunately, both North Pole and Carmela’s were closed at the time because of the scheduled four-hour power outage in the area.

And so we went to Mooon Cafe instead.  They only had one dessert on the menu: halo-halo.  I was in the mood for something fancy schmancy so I was a bit dismayed by the lack of options.

But when the halo-halo arrived, all traces of disappointment disappeared.  The texture of the crushed ice was velvety smooth and they were very generous with the ingredients.  They didn’t scrimp on anything!  Ube ice cream.  Macapuno.  Langka.  Leche flan.  Nata de coco.  Kaong.  Cornflakes.  No beans.  No monggo.  I loved how it was just the good stuff.

051014 mooon halohalo bKilig-inducing halo-halo (P65)

It was so good, it made me giddy.  At one point, I even exclaimed, “Maka-kilig lagi ni na halo-halo ay!”

The halo-halo from Razon’s had nothing on this baby.

This halo-halo was by far the best I’d ever had.  It was even better than my forever favorite Ice Blink halo-halo from Bicol!

Since we were at a Mexican-inspired restaurant, we also ordered something from the Mexican Mooon section of the menu.  We just wanted something light so we had Campesinos, crispy flour tortilla chips layered with cheese and tender beef fillings, topped with melted cheese and spiced paprika.

051014 mooon campesinosCampesinos (P125)

The tortilla chips had a really nice texture and the paprika was a really nice twist.  We thoroughly enjoyed this dish and it gave us some ideas on what to do with the flour tortillas sitting in the fridge at home.

We had a really wonderful time and we left with wide grins, full tummies, and joyful hearts.


Mooon Cafe
Rizal Avenue, Ozamiz City
(088) 564-2622

mooon cafe*Mooon Cafe also has branches in Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Dumaguete, Ilolilo, Davao, and Ormoc.

the journey to oz


Knock. Knock.

“Time to get up,” my dad called out as I woke up with a start.

“But my alarm hasn’t even gone off yet,” I groaned.

I reached for my phone to check the time. 4:29.  I had set three alarms before going to bed and I had slept through all of them!

Since my husband and I were meeting somebody at the bus terminal at five o’clock, we had to wolf down our breakfast and leave in a jiffy so we wouldn’t be late.  It was all for naught though because when we got to the terminal, there was no sign of our contact person and it took a while before I finally got hold of her.  She said she was going to be late so we should just go ahead without her.

The only bus that wasn’t bound for Cagayan de Oro (which is in the opposite direction) was a non-airconditioned rural bus bound for Kolambugan.  I wasn’t too keen about taking that bus but we really didn’t have much of a choice.

As I expected, it was pretty cramped inside.  The seats were so narrow and there was hardly any leg room.  Good thing I was traveling with my husband.  Otherwise, I would be sitting shoulder to shoulder with some random stranger.

Despite the bus’s rickety appearance, the ride wasn’t bumpy at all.  Well, except for the part where the road was still under construction but that couldn’t be helped, could it?

The bus was cruising along at a leisurely speed so I was able to bask in the scenery.  Soothing stretches of greenery to my left and enticing sand, sea, and sky to my right.

In one of the towns in Lanao del Norte, we passed this man who, for some reason, made me think of the Tin Man.  He had a log strapped to his back.

“Kinda like a backpack!” I exclaimed.

“Log pack!” my husband said.

Refusing to be outdone, I replied, “Back log!”

And we had a good laugh over that.

Soon enough, we got to this area in Napo where huge cargo trucks lined both sides of the road.  They all seemed to be in limbo and I couldn’t help thinking, “Is this Truck Purgatory?”

My husband explained that the trucks weren’t allowed to pass because they exceeded the weight limit.  So they had to transfer their cargo to smaller trucks waiting just a few meters ahead.

When we reached Kolambugan, I saw a house which made me regret not bringing a camera.  The house itself was just a non-descript bungalow but instead of a picket fence, it had a bunch of old cathode ray tube (CRT) television sets lining the front yard.  Some of the television sets even had dials on them! Talk about retro!

I was still gushing over the TV fence when we got to Mucas and got on the barge.  Twenty minutes later, I stepped foot on Oz.

Just like that, yes.

No flying houses and yellow brick roads for this Dorothy.

to oz