against all odds


So what happens if the dreaded just in case comes to pass, if I find that the odds are not in my favor?

Well, I could switch careers and be a stunt woman instead.  No, you didn’t misread the previous sentence.

Stunt woman.

“But you’re a couch potato who doesn’t even know how to play a sport or ride a bicycle!” you think (or maybe yell into the screen).

Well, I have relevant experience.  And I got it right smack in the middle of my board exam.  Perfect timing, huh?

About five minutes before the start of the second part of the exam, I took a bathroom break.  But just when I was about to leave the rest room, I noticed that the lever of my cubicle was missing.  I couldn’t open the door!  I repeatedly screamed for help but nobody came.  I stood on the toilet seat and tried to turn the lever outside but the door refused to budge!

I decided to go back to Plan A, i.e., scream for help.  But after several rounds of screaming, my throat started to become sore and it soon became apparent that no one was coming to rescue me.  Everyone was already inside, ready to take the test.

I sensed an and-the-world-came-crashing-down feeling come over me and for a moment, I was tempted to just sit down and cry.  The restroom wasn’t very clean though so staying there for hours wasn’t an option.  But more importantly, I didn’t want to fail the board exam just because of a missing lever.

I watched a lot of MacGyver episodes as a kid so I looked around for something I could use to pry the door open.  Nothing.

The only option left was to climb the wall.  It was pretty high and the bathroom floor was wet so I had to be careful not to slip and hit my head.  By some miracle, I somehow managed to climb the wall and get out of the restroom.

My knees were shaking and my heart was still beating wildly as I entered the examination room.  Fortunately, I got back in time. The examiner was just about to distribute the questionnaires.  I told her what happened and one of the examinees on the first row said, “Wow! Naging Angelina Jolie ka nang wala sa oras!”  I was still trembling then but I did manage to laugh.

It wasn’t until when the test started that I realized that I had a couple of scratches and that my hands were bleeding.  Although it hurt to grasp the pencil, I was more concerned about not getting any blood stains on my paper (and answering the test questions, of course).

That should count as relevant work experience, right?


I wrote this about a month ago when everything was still up in the air.  The exam results were released earlier today.  Turns out I’m not going to be a stunt woman after all.


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