the kinfolk table


kinfolk table

Food is the toffee-toasted mortar that binds people together, building stronger friendships that, when stacked sky high, create the most special of gatherings.

When my cousin Kamil came home last December, he introduced us to the concept of a Kinfolk Table, fuss-free entertaining which places the spotlight on the people sharing the meal rather than on superficial details.

It was right up our alley.  Our clan often had gatherings that were very similar to the said Kinfolk Table.

My aunt decided to take it up a notch for my uncle’s birthday.  Since Kinfolk is all about discovering new things to cook, make, and do, she selected recipes inspired by The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings and assigned each family a dish to prepare.

None of us had tried any of the recipes before so the whole experience was one big adventure which commenced with a scavenger hunt for the oh-so-elusive ingredients and culminated with a hearty meal shared with loved ones.


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