new books for the new year


Firecrackers.  Twelve round fruits.  Polka dots. Resolutions.

We each have our own ways of celebrating the coming of the new year.  When I was a kid, I would jump as high as I could at the stroke of midnight in the hopes of growing taller.  But now that I no longer harbor such hopes, I welcome the new year with new books instead.

Every 31st of December, I go book hunting.  Last year, I was able to score two Tom Robbins books for myself and Lucy Cousins’ Hooray for Fish! for my son (as of today, this book is still his favorite).  This year, I trooped to Book Sale and got Susan Sontag’s The Volcano Lover for myself and a couple of children’s books for my son.
ImageI love all of the books I got for my son but I’m most excited about In the Garden with Van Gogh because it combines poetry and art.  I think it’s an excellent way to introduce him to art.  I just hope I can also find the other titles in the series (especially A Magical Day with Matisse and A Picnic with Monet).  I know it may be a little early but hopefully, he’ll be able to appreciate this book in a couple of months.  For now, he’ll probably gravitate more towards Vehicles (which features beautiful ripped paper illustrations by Paula Knight).  I have a strong feeling it’s going to be his new favorite.

Image The book I got for myself is one I’ve never actually heard of before.  I just found it under a stack of other books.  I found the title intriguing so I opened a random page and came across this passage:

To be unaccompanied.  To be alone.  To lower yourself into your own feelings.
There to find mists and vapors.  Then little protuberances of old angers and longings.  Then a large emptiness.  You think of what you have done, done with brio–great slabs of actions, enterprises.  All that energy has drained away.  Everything becomes an effort.

And so I got the book without even bothering to read the synopsis.  That passage was enough.


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