hooray for ziggy – part two


part 2-001The second installment of my son’s birthday celebration was held on his birthday.

I wanted this party to have the same feel as the first one but I didn’t want it to just be a replica so I reused some elements from the first party and just added a few tweaks here and there.trayglass jarstoppers bFor the birthday cake, I decided to go with a custard cake since my husband and my mother-in-law aren’t big fans of frosting and my son loves custard.  To keep the cake from looking plain, my husband and I placed wafer sticks around the cake and added a swallowtail bunting on top.
cake bWe then placed the cake on a cake stand made from an old biscuit can and a pizza box.  I just wrapped the can and box in cartolina (paperboard) in three shades of blue for an ombré effect.  This was inspired by Festiva Party Design’s ocean waves cupcake wrappers.cake standOne of the most labor-intensive DIY projects I took on was the backdrop.  Good thing my husband helped me assemble the backdrop made of water bubble cutouts and origami fish.  I was going for an ombré effect so I used cartolina (left over from the cake stand) for the water bubble cutouts.  I would’ve wanted to use origami paper for the fish but I couldn’t find any so I used regular colored paper instead.

Sadly, this backdrop never made it to the party.  My son got so excited when he saw all those fish hanging, he ended up tearing the tails off some of the fish and turning the whole backdrop into one tangled mess.
backdrop b


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