the missing piece


When I entered the room, I noticed that the alphabet chart was torn almost halfway across so I took some adhesive tape and asked the little one to help fix the chart.  He came right over and held the torn part in place as I taped the chart back together.

But just when I thought our work was one, I noticed that the lower left corner of the chart had been torn off.  I looked around for the missing piece but it was nowhere to be found.  I figured it must’ve already been thrown out but I asked my son anyway if he knew where it was.  To my surprise, he started digging into the nearest pillow.  Turns out, he hid the missing piece inside the pillowcase.  I don’t know if he hid it because he freaked out when he accidentally tore it or if he intentionally put it there for safekeeping but I’m sure glad he remembers where he puts stuff (I rarely ever do!).

After reminding the little one about being more careful with his things, we put the missing piece back and now the chart is whole again. 🙂


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