hooray for ziggy – part one


Since we belong to large, close-knit extended families, we decided to split the little boy’s birthday celebration and hold two parties instead of one.  We chose an under the sea theme, inspired by my son’s fascination with fish.  We held the first party (for my side of the family) a day before the actual birthday so cousins who aren’t available on Sundays could attend.


Like many moms, I obsessed over my son’s birthday for months.  I spent hours upon hours just scouring the web for ideas and coming up with my own.  I wanted to make everything as DIY as I could.  I even thought of baking the cupcakes myself but I never got around to actually learning how to bake.  I ordered from a supplier instead but that turned out to be a major disaster.  I found out just hours before the party that the supplier forgot about my order!  Ordering customized cupcakes on such short notice was obviously out of the question so I called up one of the local bakeshops. Fortunately, they had cupcakes readily available so I bought some and added some chocolate-coated biscuits, mini pretzel sticks, and the toppers I prepared.



I also ordered some customized sugar cookies.  Unlike the other supplier, Andie’s Desserts did a splendid job.  The cookies were  a hit not only with the kids but also the adults.  People couldn’t stop oohing and aahing over the cookies.  I would definitely order from them again.

sugar cookies

To add color to the table (without spending a lot), I cut out seaweed shapes and made toppers.  I stuck the seaweed shapes to clear glasses filled with pebbles (which I got from the pet store) and added the toppers.



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