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the third quarter of the year that was


Look what I found hanging around in my drafts folder!  I realize this entry is even more stale than last week’s bread, but what the heck.

A Change of Pace
When I said goodbye to life in the metro, I bade farewell to:

  • lugging five—maybe even six—kilos of clothes to the laundry shop
  • covering my ears with a pillow to stifle out the noise from the passing tricycles and arguing pseudo intellectuals/drunks in the neighborhood
  • squeezing into crowded trains during the rush hour
  • scanning the road for one of the elusive Ortigas Flyover-Crossing Ibabaw buses
  • gripping my bag tightly and walking in a half-run while traversing streets and footbridges
  • trying to appear street-smart, semi-menacing, and unapproachable to fend off scumbags and perverts

Going back to the “province” meant a change of pace.  But instead of a more relaxed and languorous existence, I found myself at the vortex of a constant flurry of activity.  I had to juggle writing ESL scripts, teaching English to fifth and sixth graders, and taking care of my son.  It was mentally and physically exhausting.

But tiring as it was, there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

A Year Into Forever

Playlist for the Month:
1. City & Colour – Save Your Scissors 
       And I’ll keep on running this never-ending race
       Maybe next time will be the right time
2. City & Colour – What Makes a Man 
       I can hear my train comin’
       It’s a lonesome and distant cry
3. City & Colour – Sleeping Sickness 
       But now it’s like the night is taking sides
4. Franco – Next Train Out 
       Well in time the question will linger
       Haunting us…
5. Dashboard Confessional – A Plain Morning 
       It feels more like July
(because it is! :D)

Happy Two-Thirds!

8thOverexcited mom that I was, I wanted to commemorate each month leading up to my son’s first birthday with a cake but it wasn’t until his eighth month that I actually got to do it.  I’m not sure if he understood what was going on but he seemed to know that the cake was meant for him. 🙂

But Wait, There’s More!
August turned out to be a lot busier than the previous month–what with backlog and training knock-knock-knockin’ on my door.  But like in those ubiquitous TV infomercials, there were a couple of bonus items added to the mix.  Topping the list was the daily power outage, followed closely by the missing training materials.  What a bargain, huh?

Playlist for the Month:

1. Dashboard Confessional – This Is a Forgery
       Every single word is plagiarized
       Copied twice and thrice inscribed
2. Matisyahu – Redemption Song
       Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
       None but ourselves can free our minds
. Air Traffic – Shooting Star
       Don’t you know who you are?
       You’re my shooting star.


Very Good, Young Padawan
The journalism contest my students had been training for was pretty much one big obstacle course.  Thanks to poor information dissemination regarding changes in schedule, the cartoonists, who would’ve been really strong contenders, missed the plenary session, the brief, and three-quarters of the allotted time for the drawing contest while the feature writers missed half of the plenary session.  But despite the mishaps, we still did pretty well.  My third grader even placed second in feature writing.

Playlist for the Month:

1. Nyctinasty – In the Absence
       So there goes my life
       Passing by with every exit sign
2. Zee Avi – Concrete Wall
3. St. Vincent – Cheerleader
4. Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out
       It’s always darkest before the dawn
5. Can – She Brings the Rain
       Magic mushrooms out of dreams
6. Primitive Radio Gods – Skin Job
       Burning love and the avalanche comes
7. Mark Davis – The Wide Atlantic
       It was cold and our embrace was colder still
       Was the distance too impossible to fill?
8. Marble Sounds – The Days We Care About
       Underneath the surface there’s a lost priority
9. Kari Jobe – Steady My Heart
       I know that You got me
       Right inside the palm of Your hand
10. Kari Jobe – We Are
       So wake up, sleeper, lift you head
       We were meant for more than this