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hurray for spring!


Hello, cineaste friends!  You might want to head to the Shang Cineplex this weekend to watch contemporary Chinese movies.  The 7th Spring Film Festival actually started today but all the slots for the day’s last screening are probably taken by now (I should’ve posted this earlier. Sorry!).  You don’t need to worry though, the festival runs until the 10th of February.

As with other film festivals, admission is free and seating is limited so come early (I usually go there two hours before screening time).  Line up as soon as you get there.  Buy food later.  Just ask the person standing behind you to hold your spot.  You have to hurry back though.

Here’s a rundown of the movies in the lineup:

The Piano in a Factory
pianoThe film tells of a father who builds a piano in his quest to retain custody of his daughter after the child says during a custody battle she would choose to live with the parent who can give her a piano.

Genre: Drama
Director: Zhang Meng
Awards: Best Actor – 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival, Special Recommendation of Jury – 3rd Sydney Chinese Film Festival, Artistic Exploration Award – 18th Beijing University Student Film Festival, Special Award of Jury – 28th Golden Flower Movie Festival

Jasmine Women
jasmineSet in the 1930s, 50s, and 80s against a backdrop of an ever-changing Shanghai, the film tells the story of one family’s struggle to overcome its tragic history as each daughter repeats the mistake of her mother. 

Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Hou Yong
Awards: Best Actress – 13th Golden Rooster Awards, Grand Jury Prize – 7th Shanghai International film Festival

2become1Based on Xixi’s published diary, Mourning for Breasts, the movie is about an advertising executive whose world is turned upside down when she finds out that she has breast cancer.  She tries to get on with her daily routine but gradually realizes that aside from dealing with the usual work and romantic complications, she has to make the most important decision of her life.

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama
Director: Law Wing-Cheong

Storm Warriors
storm warriors
From the comic book series Fung Wan comes the incredible story of two friends, Wind and Cloud, who find themselves up against a very powerful Japanese  warlord intent on invading their country.

Genre: Action, Adventure
Director: Danny Pang and Oxide Pang Chun
Award: Best Visual Effects – 29th Hong Kong Film Awards

Space Dream
space dreamThe movie is basically a tribute to China’s space program.  It follows a forty-something Chinese astronaut who has spent his career being passed over for space missions, leaving him on Earth as he watches his colleagues live out his dream. He works hard, and he finally gets an opportunity to pursue his ambitions.

Genre: Drama
Director: Wang Jia and Shen Dong

Golden Times
golden times
With the support of the local government, a teacher and a police officer put up a “Home for Left-Behind Children” in order to provide a healthy and loving environment for kids who were left in the care of their grandparents because their parents migrated from the countryside to find work in the cities.

Genre: Drama

I wish I could say “See you there!” but alas, I am far, far away. I hope you guys have fun though. 🙂