a peek at what could have been


Monitoring and Assessing Reforms in Rural Poverty Reduction.  Advocacy for the Human Development Report.  Issues in Measuring and Modelling Poverty.  Functional Literacy and Mass Media Survey.

As I read the labels on the file folders on the shelf in front of me, I cannot help but let out mini oohs and aahs every time I encounter a term I recognize from my Business Economics and Public Administration days in UP Diliman.  It’s been seven years since I last encountered these terms and coming across them now feels like running into a bunch of old friends.

I look around the office and I can’t help but think: in an alternate universe, this could’ve been my life.  Had I chosen to pursue a line of work in my field, I would probably be employed in an office very similar to this, doing research on topics very similar to the ones written on the labels.

Instead, I am a writer.  Oh, life is indeed full of unexpected twists and turns!

Although this peek at what could have been inevitably makes me think of missed opportunities to make a difference, I do not regret taking a different path.

I take another look at this alternate reality and confirm what I have always thought.  That I am happy with what is.


*scribbled on a notepad at 5:18 PM on 042912


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